August 2012

Sunday August 05, 2012

What's up everyone! Hope all you guy's and gal's out there are doing well!

As usual, July was a crazy busy (but exciting) month!  I attended the Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival in El Paso. It was my first time at this convention and I had an absolute blast and got to tattoo some really fun pieces. One tattoo in particular was a Black and Gray full sleeve on a really cool client all the way from Wisconsin. She sat like a champ for 2 long days back to back of tattooing. Although we wern't able to get the whole thing finished, we were able to knock out a lot of it and I was completely honored to take out "Best of Show" with it.

Next weekend will have me making my way down to Houston for the Houston round of the Ink Masters Tattoo Show convention, the one in LA was a blast so I'm really looking forward to this one!   Being not too far away from me I'll be driving to this show as well, which for me is great as I can bring a lot more stuff that makes tattooing that much more comfy!

After Houston, I only have 2 conventions left for the rest of the year. By no means will I be slowing down though, after Paradise Gathering and Calgary I'll be settling back in to life at Rebel Muse Studio with a bunch of really cool tattoo appointments and a lot of paintings to start. I was approached by the crew that put on the Evian conventon in France to do the artwork for the 2013 show so I'm really excited to get right in to working on that piece.

Well that's about all for now lady's and gentlemen, hope everyone has a great month!