November update!

Sunday November 06, 2011


Well, I arrived in Australia after long flight of turbulence and I'm now glad to be settled in and tattooing. I did a heap of consults last week and got a lot of people sized up and ready for their appointments. I had a couple of days left open when I first got out here, but I am definitely fully booked now with some really cool pieces coming up, including starting a full horror sleeve, which will go shoulder to fingers, on a really cool chick flying in from the east coast of Australia!   I'm also really looking forward to finishing off some tattoos that I started last time I was out here, like a full back pin up and a bowling themed memorial half sleeve.

Late January will have me flying back in to Dallas and preparing to start off the year by getting straight in to a busy convention schedule for 2012. The first lot of conventions I will be doing is Inked Hearts, then the Amarillo Ink Life Tour, followed by the Detroit Motor City Expo. I'm pretty booked up for these 3 shows but I will be announcing a lot more conventions for 2012 and booking for them soon, as well as taking bookings for Dallas throughout 2012.

All the best to everyone as we get ready to head in to the holiday season.

Liz smiley