Online Consultation Form

Don’t let the following deter you as it is meant to help me manage your inquiry as efficiently as possible. In other words, we have to get the boring stuff out of the way to get to the fun stuff!
Please note that I receive several emails daily and there will most likely be a delay in responses. I am also unable to guarantee waiting times for future appointments for new requests due to existing clientele. At present, I am only booking ongoing clients 3-5 months in advance and working from a waiting list when an opening becomes available. In order to get on the waiting list, you must completely fill out the following form and submit for approval. Incomplete forms are unable to be replied to. No information will be shared with any third party unless specific permission is given. Information will be kept on file only for Liz Cook Tattoo. If you would like a major COVERUP OR REWORK, please note that I only do these on existing clientele under specific circumstances but am happy to forward your information to another artist in my studio that is happy to consider it.
Please complete the following:

Where and how big?

Please attach clear, straight on photos of the area to be tattooed with a visible tape measure indicating the:

Length of the entire body part where the tattoo will be located (not just the area to be tattooed) and the

Width of the entire body part at the top, middle and bottom? Hands and feet do not need middle width.

It is better to have someone else take the photos in order to get the correct angle. Please understand that portraits and some other concepts may only work well in specific areas due to the direction they may need to face and the size they may need to be in order to maintain longevity. Please click here and refer to the linked photos as examples of how to submit proper measurements and photos.


Some concepts (like a portrait of Grandpa) are very straight forward, while other concepts may entail a lot of research and design (like a full color, highly rendered, realistic fantasy dragon sleeve). In order to maintain artistic freedom and create the best designs I can, it is important to be able to describe the concept of your tattoo in only a few words or a couple of sentences or even a basic sketch. If you need more than a couple of lines to describe the concept of your tattoo, then you may be trying to put too much into one tattoo and it would be better to start with 2 of those ideas first. If you feel that this is simply not enough to convey your idea or that you really need to speak to someone in person, or that you really need to be able to go back over the initial design and possibly make changes, then I’m probably not the tattoo artist for you. And that’s not a bad thing! Each tattoo you get is certainly something to be cherished and I want to make sure that you get the best artist for your concept. If you are open to me doing the type of art that I tattoo best, then just letting me do my thing will get the best tattoo I can give. If this is just way too scary then an artist that is more available for in person consultations and has the openness in their schedule to make that happen, will certainly be a better match for you. Again, I am more than happy to forward your information to another artist in my studio that may be able to accommodate. With that in mind, I do love to tattoo Portraits, Pinups, Horror, Realism and Lots of Detail! (I don’t like to tattoo much traditional, Japanese, tribal, black graphics or racist & politically negative tattoos).